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Sage Advice: Clary Sage, Warm Wood, Fig Leaf

Sage Advice: Clary Sage, Warm Wood, Fig Leaf

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Bring down the hectic headspace post-holiday to a happy, balanced existence with Sage Advice.

Our intriguing custom blend brings a warm comfort, without being too masculine nor too feminine.

Fig leaf and clary sage give way to a balanced mix of light florals such as lavender, violet, and greenery, nestled in a muskier tones like oakmoss and cedarwood.

The result? A blend that is neither floral, nor woody, but instead a perfect balance of both.

Pair it with our Den of Zen candle for the best mix of cleanse and comfort in the new year.

Keeping true to our motto of "can't deal," we don't deal in anything impure.

We only use non-toxic, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and nothing but 100% soy in our wax. It's from soy harvested right here in the US.

Our cotton wicks have no lead or metal in them, and our crackling wood wicks are also made here in the US from natively-sourced, sappy fruit tree wood blends in the midwest. They are harvested from Forest Stewardship Certified mills only, so you can feel confident in the integrity of their origin.

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