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Maid My Day: Citrus & Basil

Maid My Day: Citrus & Basil

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Bring the sparkling, bold combination of bright citrus and soothing basil through the home to welcome in springtime!

Maid My Day is our signature blend of bright, balanced citrus with a cozy herbal note of basil. It smells like a sparkling clean home, with a fresh breeze just waiting outside the window.

Every candle is hand-poured into a 10oz amber jar poured in our central VA candle studio. It's fitted with a snug gold lid, and adorned with our beloved Victorian gothic-inspired label design.

All our wicks are metal free, made only of cotton and paper filament. Our high melt-point wax makes all our candles burn a deceptively long time!

50+ hours of burn time.
100% soy wax, made with US-farmer harvested soybeans.
Metal-free wick, made only of cotton and paper.
Lead-free, heavy-bottomed glass jar.
Phthalate-free, non-toxic fragrance oil.
No dyes or additives.

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