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Fiction Addiction: Fresh New Pages & Ink

Fiction Addiction: Fresh New Pages & Ink

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All hail physical books, and the readers who love them! ❤️ This is our ode to that comforting weight in your hands, and the whisper of the pages as they turn.

Fiction Addiction smells of that fresh, sweet-tinged paper of a new book, with a background hint of the fresh ink adoring the pages with a feast of words.

This is the perfect gift for lovers of books, bookstores, and all the nostalgia and comfort of the adventures they disappear into via written words.

Fiction Addiction is available with your choice of a cotton wick, or crackling wood.

50+ hours of burn time.
100% soy wax, made with US-farmer harvested soybeans.
Metal-free wick, made only of cotton and paper or upgrade to crackling wood
Lead-free, heavy-bottomed glass jar.
Gold-colored lid
Phthalate-free, non-toxic fragrance oil.
No dyes or additives.
10oz clear frosted amber jar, approximately 8oz of wax.
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